First you need to register and login, then You can create a new game and invite others to join, or alternatively you can use a game link sent to you by someone else to join their game.

To create a new game you will have to choose a name and pick the securities you want to trade as well as a password for people to join your game, your securities can be anything like the teams in a sport playoff series or a cup ...

you can see who can predict the outcome of the world cup most accurately by creating an exchange with all the teams in.

You IPO the teams and value their shares (Only admin).

Then everyone buys shares of their picks.

Once everyone has bought all the IPO shares they want (subject to your own internal rules, an example is a set initial budget for everyone to buy shares) admin will verify and close the IPO and then the shares can be traded like stocks. Clicking on each security displays the market depth for that security (all orders).

On the market depth page you can also enter a new order (bid/offer) for that security.

On the main market page you can trade on the best bid/Offer by clicking on it.

As the tournament goes on admin will dectivate eliminated teams.

At the end you can see who owns the most shares of the winning team and who has made the most fake money trading throuout the tournament.

As an admin you can:
  • Send people the invitation link to invite them to join your exchange
  • Set the IPO prices for each security
  • Close the IPO to start trading after everyone has entered their IPO holdings
  • Deactivate securities that are no longer in the game (they would still be reported in the portfolio holdings)
  • Set short limits to prevent players from short selling past a certain quantity
  • Close the Exchange